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Blockchain as a Universal Source of Truth

November 21, 2021

In episode 37 of ‘The Bitcoin Bridge’, Jon Southurst of CoinGeek speaks with Proof of ESG founder, Bryan Daugherty, on the concept of Proof of ESG and what led him to the reimagination of ESG reporting.

“The Proof of ESG concept was created in order to highlight the sustainability and scalability that BSV brings, and how that is the differentiator between BTC, Ethereum or other enterprise blockchains that are available. Because the BSV carbon footprint is lower and has much more utility for data management and monetization capabilities” – Bryan Daugherty

As the world moves towards a more ESG-centric way of thinking and operating, big businesses have had to capture and report data that they haven’t had to in the past. The lack of structure and regulation around reporting has created a huge silo for companies to Greenwash, whether it be knowingly or unknowingly. As regulations begin to be implemented and enforced, blockchain will cultivate a universal source of truth to verify environmental, social and (corporate) governance (ESG) programs across all industries, in a sustainable and scalable way.

“Reporting will not remain voluntary. What has come out of COP26 is that now big businesses are being regulated to authenticate this data and it really starts to play into investors and stakeholders of those companies and the greenwashing concept… that’s where IoT and other emerging technologies that are available can start to plug and play together”. – Bryan Daugherty

Proof of ESG provides a unique opportunity for organizations to highlight their accountability, social responsibility, and dedication toward a sustainable future through the introduction and integration of blockchain and IoT. In this way, ESG frameworks and reporting data can be authenticated and verified, measuring the true environmental impact and carbon footprint of an organization. All of the core capabilities of blockchain technology, such as the timestamp server mechanism, micropayments, immutability of records, real-time data exchange, interoperability, and economic incentives align to provide a Universal Source of Truth that will empower honest ESG reporting.

Check out the video below for the full interview!

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