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CoinGeek featuring SmartLedger’s Bryan Daugherty

July 19, 2022

Today CoinGeek’s Live Stream featured our very own Bryan Daugherty for an impactful hour of Blockchain conversation. Bryan and Patrick Thompson touched on several critical topics, each with the potential to affect the entire blockchain ecosystem. Bryan, who is the Global Public Policy Director for the Bitcoin Association, spends much of his time speaking with United State Legislators, and through his conversations, he’s able to provide incredible insight to all of CoinGeek’s listeners throughout the discussion.

The webinar begins with Bryan speaking about how and where he spends his time and energy, highlighting his work with the Bitcoin Association as an educator for lawmakers, as well as his role in Co-founding SmartLedger alongside Shawn Ryan. Together they saw that there was a gap in Blockchain distribution, noting it is frequently overlooked by major distribution channels. Patrick goes on to say,

“That’s a common problem that a lot of Blockchain companies, especially the ones that you and I work with and see often, have. I see people come up with great apps and services, but they don’t know how to get it to their ideal end user, whether that be an enterprise that licenses the software or if its more consumer-facing, how to grow and make the most of the market.” – Patrick Thompson

The conversation transitions as Patrick poses the question as to why the focus is on the negative externalities of mining digital assets rather than Blockchains with a functional utility, such as BSV. Through these utilities’ miners are not simply mining for revenue, but they are putting transactions on chain that serve businesses and create efficiencies in the enterprise world.

“When I think of transactions such that Certihash would produce, where you’re mitigating the actual detection time of a network breach from 212 days to nearly instant, well that seems to have a lot of value… this is something that gives us an economical boost, it gives us data security, and energy security… the terms crypto currency and blockchain need to be separated significantly… until then there is a possibility that the baby is thrown out with the bath water.” – Bryan Daugherty

As the Live Stream continues, Kurt Wuckert brings up the fact that many people dislike the politics surrounding ESG but that ESG benefits are simply a byproduct of efficiency. Bryan notes that he is a big proponent of liberties and freedoms while also advocating for transparency and honesty and goes on to say;

“Through the Proof of ESG Initiative, one of the things I noticed is, if Bitcoin can solve the ESG problem for Bitcoin, it can solve the ESG problem for any industry and sector. And by that, I mean providing honesty and transparency of records.”

To watch the full video click the link below.

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