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Proof Of ESG® Incorporates An Agenda To Reimagine ESG Reporting And Impact Through Strategic Blockchain Reinvention And Business Transformation.

We believe that an honest ESG framework offers the ability to attract customers with more sustainable products; curtail costs, mitigate downtime, improve transparency, reduce regulatory and legal interventions, and improve organizational reputation, productivity, and credibility.

Our Solutions:

Verifying & Authenticating Legacy ESG Reporting Data
Authenticated Carbon Credits
Permissioned Stakeholders
Secure, Confidential, and Available Records
Trustless Source of IoT Data
Easy Data Connect

We Can Help You Meet New ESG Reporting Requirements and Avoid Potential Greenwashing Violations

Blockchain offers an honest, open, and stable architecture, providing the foundation for connected systems that can help to make better, real-time decisions, increase the efficiency of energy usage, and improve the overall quality of life. It enhances global Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, empowers public monitoring, and establishes integrity of ESG record keeping.

As enterprise, non-profit, and government blockchain adoption continues, the ‘economy of scale’ and ‘path to zero’ converge, offering a unique opportunity for organizations to highlight their accountability, social responsibility, and dedication towards a sustainable future.

Through the introduction and integration of blockchain and IoT, ESG frameworks and reporting data can be authenticated and verified, measuring the true environmental impact and carbon footprint of an organization.

All of the core capabilities of blockchain technology, such as the timestamp server mechanism, micropayments, immutability of records, real-time data exchange, interoperability, and economic incentives, align to provide a Universal Source of Truth that will empower honest ESG reporting.

Full-Scope ESG Blockchain Improvement

Success at transformation demands more than strategic and tactical plans, it requires responsible, honest humans, collaborating and working towards a collective goal.

Proof of ESG has partnered with SmartLedger, the world’s leading blockchain distribution channel, to offer technical expertise and a host of plug-and-play API’s, enabling connectivity of IoT devices, databases, and applications, to ensure they easily interact with the blockchain. This allows secure collections of data from a range of sources that can be relayed and recorded to the blockchain.

Interested in access to these unique toolsets?

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Full-Scope ESG Blockchain Improvement

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Proof of ESG
Phone: (650) 507-4250
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Proof of ESG offers blockchain-based tools for immutable, honest, environmental, social, and (corporate) governance (ESG) reporting across all industries.

Next-Generation Sustainable Solutions

Reduce cost, downtime, and improve transparency; reduce regulatory and legal interventions; and improve reputation, productivity, and organizational credibility.