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Proof-of-ESG came about as a solution to a problem; transparency. We all want the same thing: A healthy planet with healthy societies. Blockchain gives an opportunity to create this forward movement. One based on honest ESG reporting for investors, stakeholders, and consumers alike.

We believe that an honest ESG framework offers the ability to attract customers with more sustainable products; reduce cost, mitigate downtime, and improve transparency; reduce regulatory and legal interventions; and improve organizational reputation, productivity, and credibility.

Proof-of ESG is committed to developing blockchain-based tools for immutable, honest, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting across all industries. Let us help your organization fulfill its intention to become carbon neutral or carbon negative.

Goal 1
Security & Compliance
Ensure the security, reliability, and accuracy of ESG reporting through the utilization of a scaled public blockchain, providing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of records for consumer confidence.
Goal 2
Quality & Efficiency
Deliver quality blockchain-based standards, solutions, and services, that are critical for future energy-efficiency, social, and governance improvements across all sectors and industries.
Goal 3
Transparency & Honesty
Promote honesty and confidence in ESG programs and reporting; efficiently and effectively, in a single source of truth, through blockchain-based systems and services.

Guiding Principles and Current Initiatives:

– We are committed to empowering honesty, sincerity, and transparency, in environmental, sustainability, and governance reporting. 

– We are committed to protecting the environment and promote being a responsible citizen in all countries and industries in the world.

– We are committed to collaborating with stakeholder(s), providing solutions that empower corporate honesty and responsibility.

– We are committed to introducing innovative ideas in the marketplace to enable transformation and good stewardship of our planet.

Development of tools and best practices for sustainable Proof-of-Work transaction processors.
Incentivizing transparency in mining pools to facilitate more accurate energy consumption data in the ecosystem.
Empowering the development of tokenized carbon-credit solutions able to offset carbon footprinting, displacing it with renewable energy and sustainable materials sources.
Providing authentication and verification tools to promote and empower honest ESG reporting across all industries and sectors.
Educate businesses, organizations, consumers, and citizens on the continuous advances in blockchain technology towards a low and zero-carbon economy.
Develop working groups formed through collaborative efforts of industry leaders and ecological experts to develop blockchain-based reporting standards, guidelines, and frameworks.
Providing authentication and verification tools to promote and empower honest ESG reporting across all industries and sectors.

Discover A New ESG Blockchain Empowered Framework

Proof-of-ESG incorporates a next-generation agenda to reimagine ESG reporting through strategic blockchain reinvention and business transformation – empowering the foundation of ESG reporting with a universal source of truth.

Proof-of-ESG provides an incentivized, voluntary, verifiable, auditable system of environmental responsibility, that goes well beyond current levels of authenticated ESG reporting standards.


Promoting the use of an energy-efficient public blockchain to assist in data privacy, information integrity, real-time availability, and interoperability.


Promoting the utilization of a public blockchain to document and authenticate energy consumption data, ESG programs, and improve overall energy efficiency.


Promoting the integration of digital ledger technology to establish reliable digital identities, bypassing traditional intermediaries, and improving automation.


Supporting the use of a public blockchain to manage high volumes of data, improving efficiencies, and real-time, verifiable insights.

Utilizing a scaled public ledger to publish confirmable ESG-related data, to enable better consumer decisions, and the improvement of processes that reduce waste, and impact the inefficiencies created by almost every industry and supply chain on the planet today.


Defining policies and processes for data quality, aggregation, and risk reporting, including monitoring and ESG indicators.


Incentivizing the integration of a secure blockchain information system, providing improved privacy and trust of ESG records.


Defining policies and processes of generating and maintaining accurate ESG data on a public ledger, balancing privacy and auditability.


Defining policies and processes to capture and aggregate all material ESG data.


Defining policies and procedures to rapidly aggregate ESG data to ensure adequate and timely reporting, and risk management.


Establishing an ESG data quality dashboard (estimation vs. actual data, historical vs. forward).


Defining policies and processes to include all areas of ESG impact across an organizations' footprint.


Defining policies and procedures, to ensure ESG information is reported in a clear and concise manner, to facilitate better decision making.


Defining policies and best practices for ESG reporting frequency and purpose.


Defining policies and procedures to ensure that ESG data and reporting are made readily available to relevant parties.

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