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Data Is the New Oil - A Full Interview

June 23, 2022

SmartLedger Co-Founder and Chairman Bryan Daugherty sat down for a security, blockchain, and energy discussion with Stuart Turley, CEO and President of Sandstone Group, an energy data, and finance consultancy, working with companies throughout the energy value chain.


Throughout the conversation, Bryan and Stuart discuss the possibilities of blockchain and its positive impact on enterprise ESG reporting, sighting the difficulties of accurate data reporting using current infrastructure, and the abundance of greenwashing in the world as we know it.


“Legacy technology does not provide the solution to authenticate these (ESG) values, and that’s where blockchain supplies a resilient infrastructure for this next era. I like to say we’re going from the big data era, where we have smart devices and a few IoT devices, to an extreme data era where we have a proliferation of IoT devices, smart devices, satellites, sensors, and drones, where all of this data can be utilized.” – Bryan Daugherty


Stuart adds, “There is no ESG without accountability, and blockchain does a great job of accountability throughout the whole process.”


The conversation continues as the two examine the effects of cyber-attacks like the breach on the Colonial pipeline, the largest fuel pipeline in the U.S., which led to the entire pipeline being shut down, the first time this has happened in its 57-year history. Additionally, Solarwinds, a major U.S. information technology firm, was attacked by hackers who were able to go undetected for months, giving them the ability to spy on elite cybersecurity companies, which included upper echelons of the U.S. Government, including the Department of Homeland Security and Treasury Department.


“The average time to detect a cyber breach on your network is 212 days, that’s unacceptable, but that’s what it is. Now, let’s think about one of the things Certihash does. If you’re facilitating network access logs in real-time and a change occurs because the hacker went back and removed some data, there is a hash break, and the hacker is now detected instantly. It’s not about prevention; it’s about detection at the earliest possible moment”- Bryan Daugherty


To watch the full thought-provoking interview and hear all about how “blockchain is the new oil,” click the video link below.

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