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SmartLedger and Smart Grow AgriTech Partnership Announced

July 11, 2022

SmartLedger, the world’s leading blockchain distribution channel, and Smart Grow AgriTech have announced today a strategic partnership that intends to combine the power of blockchain, IoT sensors, drone technology, and a patent pending system, to capture a verifiable stream of real-time, carbon sequestration data of Industrial Hemp fields, known for its rapid growth rates, high ratios of carbon sequestration, and additional permanence through commercial products and green building materials.

“Farmers can apply this technology to their operations, access new revenue streams, benefit from big data, and enable direct community support and engagement.”

— Alexander Mann, Founder/CEO of SGAT

Since its inception, the global carbon reduction market has been plagued with a multitude of issues, ranging from lack of transparency, low permanence, high additionality, double counting, confirmation bias, lack of quality controls, and lack of strong international standardization. The partnership seeks to improve current methodologies by utilizing the scalable BSV blockchain to capture IoT and other relevant data, providing regulators and consumers an auditable evidence trail of CO2 sequestration data from farmers’ fields to the Carbon Credits they produce.

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